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XO Life GmbH

Advancements in medicine are the foundation of our modern society. It is our vision to enable the best and safest treatments possible – for everyone, at any time.

Our mission is to build the underlying platform and technology infrastructure. We connect patients, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers directly. Together, we generate new insights for better treatments and outcomes.

As a platform provider, XO Life connects patients and pharma companies to capture patient-reported outcomes on medical effectiveness, safety and other important aspects in real-time. By partnering with the leading research institute on patient reported outcome measures at Charité, we provide a scientifically approved standard in such patient feedback. The automated transmission of standardised and structured information is enabled via a state-of-the-art platform technology with high data protection and security standards.










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Neuigkeiten aus der Welt der Startups


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Café im Foyer

Das Café im Foyer ist zwischen dem 20.12.2021 und dem 7.1.2022 geschlossen.

Öffnungszeiten über die Feiertage

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