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Robotic beings you want
to be with.

navel robotics GmbH

Navel is a socially intelligent and assistive robot that is a pleasure to be with – even for elderly and non-tech-savvy people – and provides technological support and relieve in social service areas where this was previously not possible.
The ability to communicate non-verbally is crucial. Algorithms continuously analyse the counterpart via camera images. This is used to evaluate movements, gaze alignment and facial features. Further algorithms analyse sound and voice to derive the overall (emotional) state of the person.
Navel’s core innovation is its social intelligence based on a fundamentally new sense-think-act-architecture. Applications extend to the human-robot research field, the service robot field (retail stores, restaurants etc.), nursing homes, private elderly, and more. It can support elderly people and relieve caregivers. As an entertainer, it can be a social counterpart to lonely, sick and elderly people.










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